Exploring Innovative Technologies for Pneumatic Fenders


Exploring Innovative Technologies for Pneumatic Fenders-Among the technological innovations in shipping, pneumatic fenders are attracting much attention with their unique working principle and intelligent structure. Jerryborg Marine, a leading marine technology company, provides an in-depth look at pneumatic fenders.

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Introduction to Pneumatic Fenders

In modern shipping, protecting ships and terminal facilities from impact is vital. Pneumatic fenders are an innovative technology that stands out from the rest. Jerryborg Marine’s experts constantly look for ways to protect ships better and provide safer berthing solutions.

Unveiling the Future: Exploring Innovative Technologies for Pneumatic Fenders

How it works

The working principle of pneumatic fenders is based on the precise control of airflow and air pressure. When the vessel is at berth, the pneumatic Fender reduces the force of collision by increasing the gas pressure inside the bladder, causing it to expand to form a soft cushioning layer. This innovative technology protects the vessel’s hull from damage and helps reduce the maintenance costs of marina facilities. jerryborg marine’s investment in research and development in the field of pneumatic fenders has resulted in an outstanding application of this technology.

Structural analysis and design

The success of pneumatic fenders lies in their well-designed construction. The coordination of critical components such as airbags, sensors, and control systems allows the Fender to operate efficiently and consistently in a variety of environments, and Jerryborg Marine’s team of engineers continues to innovate to ensure that the Fender can adapt to challenges in operating environments and provide reliable berthing support for vessels.

Innovations and prospects

As technology continues to advance, so does pneumatic fender technology. Anticipated enhancements in efficiency and functionality for pneumatic fenders are set to arise from integrating intelligent control systems and utilizing state-of-the-art materials. Jerryborg Marine, as a leader in marine technology, will continue to lead the development of pneumatic fender technology and contribute to the sustainable development of the global shipping industry.


In conclusion, as an innovative technology for shipping, pneumatic fenders play an essential role in protecting ships and terminal facilities. Jerryborg Marine has achieved significant results in the research, design, and application of pneumatic fenders. We look forward to seeing this technology continue to play an essential role in the future, contributing to the safety and efficiency of the shipping industry!

For more information about pneumatic fender technology, please visit the official website of the International Maritime Association


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