Foam Filled Fenders

Customized Foam Filled Fenders

Foam filled fenders are a type of specialized floating fender and vital component in maritime docking and berthing operations. Jerryborg Marine foam fenders provide essential protection for vessels and docking facilities, making them an ideal choice for ensuring the safety and efficiency of maritime operations.

Heat laminated 100% closed cell foam core inside the fender serves a crucial purpose, which provides buoyancy to allow the fender floating on the water surface and reduce the risk of impacting damage to both the vessels and the docks or marine structures. The polyurethane skin of Foam Filled Fenders provides essential protection, durability, abrasion resistance, water resistance to ensure the fender’s long-term performance and help to maintain its buoyancy, shape, and overall effectiveness in providing berthing and vessel protection.

Jerryborg Marine’s versatile floating foam fenders can be used in various maritime environments, including ports, harbors, offshore platforms, and floating docks. They are suitable for a wide range of vessel sizes and types, offering reliable protection and ensuring safe and efficient berthing operations.We offer a wide range of foam fender options to suit different needs.

Foam Filled Fenders Applications

1.Ship Berthing

2.Offshore Platforms

3.Port and Harbor Protection

4.Floating Docks and Jetties

5.Tugboats and Workboats

6.Ship-to-Ship Operations

7.Cruise Ships and Ferries

foam fender Characteristics

1.Superior capacity of energy absorption

2.Low reaction force

3.Unsinkableand wear resistant

4.Low maintenancerequirements

5.Good versatility and adaptability

6.Longdesign lifespan more than 20 years

7.Easy installation and fast handling

Foam Fenders News

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