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Jerryborg Marine offers excellent customer service and cost effective Pneumatic Fenders. our Hydro pneumatic Fender Fender has passed every test and meets your various custom requirements.

Hydro pneumatic Fender For Sale

Hydro pneumatic fender, also called submarine pneumatic fender, is an innovative type of  pneumatic fender designed for subsea applications. It is primarily used for the protection and cushioning of underwater structures, such as submarine berthing, submarine pipelines, offshore platforms, and underwater installations. The specific design and configuration of submarine pneumatic fenders are based on the project requirements and waterline level. We often customize the fenders to meet the specific needs of our clients and ensure optimal performance in underwater environments.

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Unique Design Structure

Hydro pneumatic fenders are similar in construction to conventional Yokohama pneumatic fenders but are specifically designed to operate underwater. They consist of an outer rubber layer, synthetic-tyre-cord layers, and an airtight internal bladder. The outer rubber layer of the pneumatic fender is made from high-quality rubber material, providing excellent resistance to UV, abrasion, weathering, and other hash marine conditions, while the synthetic-tyre-cord layers provide strength and stability. The internal bladder is designed to be filled with air or water, depending on the specific application. By adjusting the pressure inside the bladder, the fender can provide buoyancy and absorb energy during dynamic impacts or fluctuations in water levels, which helps to reduce the impact on subsea structures and minimize potential damage.

Hydro pneumatic Fender with investment benefits

Do you need a hydro fender? We have near-perfect pneumatic fenders that offer endless advantages. One of the main advantages includes the ability to protect offshore installations while submerged. This is a feature that other fender types do not have. Then there is the extremely low maintenance cost/adjustment of its own air to water ratio to adjust performance/automatic adjustment to tidal changes, etc. That’s why fender structure has been used as the most effective offshore equipment protection device.

Hydro pneumatic Fender

Your fender equipment supplier

Jerryborg Marine’s submarine pneumatic fenders offer several advantages in underwater applications. They provide reliable protection against collisions, impacts, and harsh environmental conditions. They have excellent energy absorption capabilities, which help to minimize stress on the protected structures. Additionally, the modular design allows for easy installation, maintenance, and replacement.

Our hydro pneumatic fenders are typically used in various marine and offshore industries, including oil and gas, offshore wind energy, underwater construction, and submarine cable installations. They play a crucial role in safeguarding subsea infrastructure and extending the lifespan of underwater assets.

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