Marine Rubber Airbags

Customized Marine Rubber Airbags

Jerryborg Marine’s Marine Rubber Airbags are made from a premium rubber material that offers excellent durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring outstanding performance even in harsh marine environments. This unique rubber formulation allows our airbags to withstand extremely high pressures for various offshore projects.

We understand that every project has unique requirements, so we offer highly customized solutions, tailoring our airbags to our customer’s exact specifications and dimensional needs. This makes our products a perfect fit for all vessels and projects, ensuring a smooth operation.

Jerryberg’s customized Airbags are widely used in various operations such as launching, towing, unloading/launching rescue of vessels. Their buoyancy and carrying capacity make them an indispensable tool for marine engineering.

Marine Rubber Airbags Characteristics

Durability: JerryBurger’s custom marine airbags are made of high quality rubber with excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance, ensuring long-lasting use in harsh marine environments.

High Pressure Capability: Special rubber formulations give the airbags excellent pressure capabilities for a wide range of marine projects.

Customisation: We offer highly customised solutions, manufacturing airbags according to customers’ specifications and dimensions to ensure a perfect fit for all vessels and projects.

Versatility: Customised rubber airbags are widely used in launching, towing, unloading and other ships’ operations, an indispensable tool for marine engineering.

Safety and reliability: Through careful design and strict quality control, the airbags ensure safety and reliability in the working process.

Marine Airbags Applications

Ship Launching: Our airbags are indispensable tools in the ship launching process. Its strong buoyancy and carrying capacity enable the vessel to enter the water stably and safely, ensuring the smooth launching process.

Towing and moving: Rubber Airbags are also used for towing and moving boats. The vessel can be stably moved to the required position by flexibly arranging the airbags, facilitating ship transport and operation.

Offshore: Customised Marine Airbags play an important role in all offshore projects, including installing, maintaining and dismantling offshore platforms.

Underwater operations: Airbags can also support subsea pipeline laying and maintenance operations. They provide buoyancy and support to ensure that operators can work safely in an underwater environment.

Rescue and Emergencies: Marine Rubber Airbags can also be used for rescue operations, such as rescuing stranded vessels or people.

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