Marine Salvage Airbags

Customised Marine Salvage Airbags from Fort Jerry, made from high strength materials, are widely used in marine engineering such as ship rescue and wreck removal, providing excellent buoyancy and stability.

Customized Marine Salvage Airbags

Jerryborg Marine specializes in customized Marine Salvage airbag solutions, which upgrade traditional launching airbags. Using high-strength synthetic tire cord fabric layers has ensured stability and load-carrying capacity in various adverse conditions. Whether it’s wreck rescue/wreck removal or other underwater rescue operations. Jerryborg Marine understands that every rescue project has unique requirements, so our airbags can be customized to specific specifications and dimensions to ensure a perfect fit for your project.

Customized Marine Salvage Airbags-Jerryborg Marine
Customized Marine Salvage Airbags-Jerryborg Marine

High Buoyancy Airbags

High buoyancy is an essential factor to consider when choosing a launching airbag. Jerryborg Marine offers airbags with buoyancy ranging from 1t to 200t, providing excellent flotation capabilities for a wide range of large and small underwater rescue projects. To ensure the safety of the rescue, we have also integrated highly controllable buoyancy characteristics into the airbag design to ensure that a stable environment can be maintained during the rescue operation, effectively reducing the potential risks during the rescue process.

Special construction

Jerryborg Marine’s launching airbags are designed and manufactured with rigorous engineering and precision. The exterior has a cylindrical design with two ports fitted with conical heads and ports equipped with airtight swivel joints and air intake kits. The body of the airbag is made of a high-strength rubber layer, a multi-layer, heavy-duty synthetic tire cord layer, and a strong, vulcanized internal rubber layer. The airbag is surrounded by lifting straps and buckles to ensure safe and reliable performance. It also has a safety valve that automatically releases the content pressure when salvaging in deep water.

Marine Rubber Airbags-Jerryborg Marine
Marine Rubber Airbags-Jerryborg Marine

Widely used

Jerryborg Marine’s Marine Salvage Airbags have a wide range of applications. It is a versatile buoyancy device that can be used for a wide range of ship rescue and salvage projects, including the rescue of wrecks, wreck removal, and other underwater operations. It can also be used in specialized tasks such as maintenance and repair of offshore platforms, pipeline and cable laying, and more. Whichever particular airbag type your project requires, Jerryborg Marine’s customized airbags will provide you with the optimum underwater rescue solution to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

The one-stop shop for airbags

As a leading manufacturer in the field of marine airbags, we offer a full range of airbag solutions, covering everything from design and manufacture to customisation. Whether you need airbags for ship salvage, offshore engineering or other specialised applications, we have the best solution.

Marine Salvage Rubber Airbags-Jerryborg Marine

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