Netted Foam Fenders

Jerryborg Marine offers excellent customer service and cost effective foam fender. our Netted Foam Fenders has passed every test and meets your various custom requirements.

Netted Foam Fenders For Sale

Netted foam fenders, also known as net-type foam fenders or meshed foam fenders, are a type of floating fender that combines the characteristics of foam-filled fenders and added strength of a protective netting system. They are designed to provide enhanced protection and durability during vessel berthing operations. The main feature of netted fenders is the addition of a protective netting or mesh around the foam filled fender. The netting can evenly disperse impact forces across the fender’s surface, minimizing localized stress points and providing a controlled reaction. Jerryborg Marine foam fenders offer safe and smooth vessel berthing, reducing the risk of damage to both the vessel and the berthing structure.


High performance Netted foam fenders

Our foam fenders are highly versatile and can be customized to meet specific requirements, such as size, shape, and performance characteristics, based on the actual application and environmental conditions. Wide-ranging applications of our fenders, such as STS and STD berthing, offshore platforms, ports and harbors, highlight the importance in ensuring safe and efficient operations across various marine berthing operations.

Advantages of foam fenders

  • Enhanced protection
  • increased durability and robust
  • Improved stability 
  • Larger standoff distance
  • Higher impact energy absorption
  • Unsinkable design
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Adjusts to water level
netted foam fenders-Foam Filled Fenders
Foam Fender

Application of foam fenders

Ports and Harbors

Offshore Platforms

Floating Docks

Naval Vessels and Harbors

Ship-to-Ship Transfers

Cruise Ships and Ferries

Salvage and Towing Operations

LNG and LPG Terminals

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