Pneumatic Fender Maintenance&Management


Pneumatic fenders are an essential piece of protection for modern ships, not only protecting hulls and quay facilities from damage, but also improving ship manoeuvrability and safety. In this article, we look at the importance of pneumatic fender maintenance&management and explain why this key element should be given high priority by ship operators and managers.

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What is a pneumatic fender?

Pneumatic Rubber Fenders is something that is mounted on the side wall of a ship and is generally made from a high quality rubber material. By using compressed air to create an airbag effect, a protective air cushion is formed. When the ship comes into contact with other objects, this air cushion fully absorbs and disperses the impact from the collision. This reduces the force of the collision and prevents damage to the ship and quayside facilities. It is currently the most important means of protection for ships and quayside facilities.

Pneumatic Fender Maintenance&Management

The importance of pneumatic fender maintenance

The routine maintenance of pneumatic fenders is essential to protect the property of companies such as ships and marinas. Although the current fender manufacturing process has been upgraded through technology, safety has been greatly improved. But preventive maintenance is the key to ensuring that pneumatic fenders are always in good working order. It is important to regularly check the air pressure/sealing and structural integrity of pneumatic fenders. It is important to identify and deal with emergencies in a timely manner to ensure the proper use of pneumatic fenders. This is to ensure that all types of quayside facilities are adequately protected.

The importance of pneumatic fender management

An effective pneumatic fender management programme should be designated and implemented by the vessel manager during daily use. This includes the development of effective operational standards / implementation of necessary training programmes. Ensure that fenders are operated in a proper and compliant manner to avoid irreversible damage to the vessel due to improper operation of pneumatic fenders.

In summary

As a device used to protect ships and quay structures, pneumatic fenders have an irreplaceable advantage in reducing the impact between the ship and the quay, greatly reducing the likelihood of collision and damage to the ship. Good maintenance and management of pneumatic fenders is therefore an important benefit to the shipping industry and port managers.


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