Pneumatic Fender

Customized pneumatic fenders

The pneumatic fender is a protective device for marine applications/vessels to avoid impact damage caused by ship to ship/ship to harbour by filling the interior with high pressure air. This serves to protect the marine installation.

Jerryborg Marine offers a bespoke pneumatic fender design and production service for ship-to-ship/ship-to-fleet harbours in various ports and marinas. We offer three types of pneumatic fenders to suit our customers’ needs: Yokohama pneumatic fenders / Sling pneumatic fenders / Hydro-pneumatic fenders. We offer a wide range of pneumatic rubber fender sizes to suit the specific needs of each customer.

All Floating pneumatic rubber fenders are developed and manufactured in our factory in accordance with the international standard ISO 17357-1:2014. The materials are made from high quality and durable rubber materials to withstand a variety of harsh environments with long term economic benefits. Trust us, our team will provide you with the best after-sales service as well as the best prices.

Pneumatic Fender Characteristics

1. High energy absorption: The fender design is equipped with an automatic filling and deflating function, which can adjust the internal air pressure in real time according to the impact strength during the collision process and absorb a large amount of energy to protect the ship and the port infrastructure.

2. Low reaction force: Under high strength pressure, the reaction force does not increase very much, which means that the pressure exerted on the ship during the impact is relatively small, which helps to reduce the risk of damage to the ship and its cargo.

3. Easy to install and maintain: simple to install by means of ties and chains, and easy to maintain, requiring only a regular annual check for air leakage.

4. Versatile: The range of applications is very wide, from small yachts to large ships.

5. Durable: Pneumatic fenders are made of high quality rubber material to meet the ability to be used in harsh marine environments, ensuring long lasting performance with a regular service life of 20 years or more.

6. Self-floating: Pneumatic fenders are self-floating, which means they can move up and down with the tides and waves. This helps to ensure that they are always in the right position to protect ships and port infrastructure.

7. Puncture and abrasion resistant: Pneumatic fenders are designed to resist punctures and abrasions, helping to ensure that they remain effective even after years of use.

Pneumatic Fender Applications

1. Ship to ship transfer: Pneumatic fenders act as a cushion between two ships and absorb impact energy. Reach the role of protecting the ship

2. Mooring: Pneumatic fenders are used to protect ships by absorbing impact energy during mooring operations.

3. Offshore platforms: Pneumatic fenders are used to protect offshore platforms from damage caused by ships or other floating objects.

4. floating structures: pneumatic fenders are used to protect floating structures such as barges, pontoons and floating docks from damage by ships or other floating objects. 

5.  Port Facilities: Pneumatic fenders are used to protect port facilities such as piers, jetties and wharves from damage caused by ships or other floating objects. 

6. Oil and Gas Industry: Pneumatic fenders are used in the oil and gas industry to protect ships and offshore platforms during loading and unloading operations. 

7. Military applications: Pneumatic fenders are used by the military for a variety of purposes such as ship-to-ship transfers, mooring and protection of offshore installations.

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