Technical Consulting Service

The Technical Consulting service provided by Jerryborg Marine involves offering expert advice, guidance, and support to clients in the marine floating and anti-collision industry. Our service is designed to assist clients in making informed decisions regarding their marine projects, products selection, and operational challenges.

Jerryborg Marine has a team of experienced professionals with deep knowledge and expertise in the marine floating and anti-collision products. Our consultants possess a thorough understanding of marine floating and fendering industry. We stay updated with industry trends and advancements to provide clients with the most relevant and up-to-date technical advice. We assists clients in evaluating the feasibility of their marine projects. Through in-depth analysis and assessment, We also provide insights into project viability, potential challenges, and recommendations for optimizing project success.

Choosing the right fenders or buoys is crucial for efficient and safe marine operations. Jerryborg Marine’s Technical Consulting Service helps clients in selecting the most suitable fenders or buoys for their specific project demand. We assess client requirements, provide technical specifications, and offer recommendations on the appropriate pneumatic fenders, foam fenders, marine buoys & floats, marine airbags, etc based on factors such as vessel type, operational conditions, and industry standards.

The marine floating & anti-collision industry is subject to various regulations and standards. Jerryborg Marine’s Technical Consulting service helps clients navigate these regulatory requirements. We offer guidance on compliance with international standards, local regulations, and industry-specific certifications, which ensures that clients’ projects and equipment meet the necessary safety and quality standards.

When clients encounter technical issues or challenges, such as pneumatic fender inflation, marine airbags repairing, etc. Our technical consultants provide troubleshooting support, assisting in diagnosing problems, identifying root causes, and proposing effective solutions. Our technical expertise and industry experience enable us to provide timely and practical recommendations to overcome challenges and minimize downtime.

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