Workboat Foam Fenders

Workboat Foam Fenders by Jerryborg Marine offer reliable protection and durability for marine operations. Their high-quality construction ensures enhanced safety and reduced impact forces.

Workboat Foam Fenders For Sale

Jerryborg Marine workboat fenders are specialized foam fenders designed specifically for shipboard anti-collision protection, such as workboat, tugboat, patrol boat, pilot boat, speed boat, rib boat, yachts, etc.

Our Shipboard Foam Fenders are typically constructed using high-quality foam materials that provide excellent shock absorption and energy dissipation capabilities. Outer cover is robust and abrasion-resistant polyurethane elastomer, which enhances the fender’s durability and longevity.

Workboat Foam Fenders-foam fenders
Workboat Fenders- Foam-filled fender

Workboat Fenders Features

  1. Light Weight and Cost Effective
  2. Superior Collision Resistance Performance
  3. Ultra Strong and Extremely Durable
  4. Perfect Mix of Composite Materials
  5. Trendy Designs and Various Forms
  6. Adaptable Solutions and Multi Colors


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